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How will you stay 'Inspired'?

From: Shaun Randall

Where: Philadelphia, PA



It's different for everyone...

Learning a new thing always inspires me to take action. Whether it's reading a book, a blog, or taking courses, learning something new always gives me the courage, strength, and the power to overcome any obstacles that come my way.

For some of you, you're in a soul-draining 9 to 5 job that you utterly despise, and you're trying to get out now.

For others, you're an entrepreneur who wants to make $250,000 a year of revenue from your coffee shop.

But you're trapped, and you're not sure why.


And for the rest of you, you're looking for that one book or course that will transform you, an ordinary person with a big vision, into the CEO of your coffee shop.

Before I share 'My Goal' with you for this course here at Cafe Academy, I 'd like to ask you a few questions...

Please Check All the Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!
Are you looking for a simple way to get your coffee shop off the ground without stress and worry?
Have no idea where to get coffee, how to price coffee, where to find a place to run your coffee shop?
Are you looking for a way to start a coffee shop with $0?
Are you interested in making passive cash flow from your coffee shop, but have NO IDEA where to start?
Are you in a soul-draining 9 to 5 that you hate, and want to start a coffee shop of your own?

If You Have Checked Yes for Any of the Above Boxes, Then I Want to Invite You to Receive the 'Cafe Academy Master Class' and Change Your Business Forever!

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-What's in the Cafe Academy Master Class?

Over 3-hours of never before released content. We will hold you by the hand and walk you step-by-step EVERYTHING you ever need to know to be successful in growing your coffee shop. You'll get:

PART I: CoffeeShop 101: Everything You Need to Start NOW! ($597)
PART II: Quick-Start Guide To Financial Freedom! ($297)
PART III: The 7-Key Strategies To 7-Figures ($297)
PART IV: Collecting Money & Recession-Proofing Your CoffeeShop($297)
PART V: Bonus Trainings ($197)


-Is this Master Class going to help me open a coffee shop?


Yes. Yes. And more yes!


The Cafe Academy Master Class is designed to be easy to follow so that you can grow a successful coffee shop from scratch. You'll learn all about how to get funding for your shop with no money, create a floor plan that attracts customers, and much more.

The real reason why coffee shop owners have failed is that they have not been given information and training. We're here to make sure you achieve your dream quickly and easily. Okay? :)

-Are there any additional fees?

Nope! The only thing you'll need is a one-time payment of $500 and

*proof * you're on your way to the success of your coffee shop! Everything you need to know about growing and running a coffee shop will be well covered and worth your investment.


I want to ask you a personal question.


What would you prefer to do?


Waste $50,000 going to business school for four long and boring years, studying hard like a psychopath with no life, to only realize that college courses teach nothing, and now you've lost money and time you can't get back. Or pay $500 to learn all about growing a coffee shop business in just one day. We'll go over the process step-by-step from ground up so don't worry about getting left behind!